Custom Apparel Printing File Preparation Guide

Uploading Your Files

Click the browse button to upload you own file (please note copyright disclaimer must be checked). The best files are png (with a transparent background) the same size as your design, Set at 300dpi
will reproduce the best result. Low quality web images will tend to be pixelated and blurry, please ask for help if in any doubt.

1. Image should be 300dpi (print quality)
2. Image should have a transparent background , if you are uploading a photograph as a jpeg this also works and will print as a rectangler image. For many uses this is completley fine, background removal is not required but
recommended for that "non-rectangle look"
3. Make the image the same size as the print area (where possible) if you have to scale up your image this can cause a loss of quality. Scaling down compresses the pixels and there will be no loss of quality.
4. Got questions, we have answers, talk to one of our designers on live help or contact us for assistance.

Product Designer Upload Tools

With our uploader you can remove the background with a few clicks. First change the select number of colors to highest then click on the image background, the background should be removed.

**Important note - the background remover will do a good job at removing pixels but you can also have leftover pixels or artifacts. if you remove a white background and place it on a dark or black garment, 
you may see visible artifacts or fringing.

It is highly recommended to have an image that already has a transparent background (svg or png) with a completely transparent background.
Alternatively select a color garment that closely matches the background that is being removed.

Product Designer Upload Tools